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Company Profile

logo PT Yanasurya Bhaktipersada was established in 1997 as a pioneer in Plastic Pallet manufacturer in Indonesia & Asia. Ordinary wooden pallets create a lot of problems in the field. They are not durable, non-hygienic & they use too many trees.

With the state-of-the-art Injection-Compression technology from Remaplan - Erema, Germany, Yanapallet® is highly durable and surpasses the average plastic pallet in the market. Yanasurya makes 12,000 pieces of plastic pallets per month.

As a pioneer in plastic pallet industry, Yanasurya has been trusted by fertilizer, food & beverage, chemical, pharmacy, paper, textile & many other industries. Our pallets are made for extreme conditions such as cold storage, extreme 5 storeys racking     drive-in system handling, and can be used for small size heavy materials such as bricks to huge size jumbo bags.

Yanasurya’s guarantee of Customer Satisfaction has already been proven throughout these years and still will continue in the future.



Pallet Type
Heavy Duty plastic Pallet
Medium Duty Plastic Pallet
Reversible Heavy Duty Pallet
Light Duty Plastic Pallet

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