Why Choose Us

PT Yanasurya Bhaktipersada was established in 1997 as a pioneer in Plastic Pallet manufacturer in Indonesia and Asia. Ordinary wooden pallets create a lot of problems in the field. They are not durable, non-hygienic andnd they use too many trees.


Long Maintenance

No maintenance cost for broken board and loose nails.


Safety Requirements

Avoids the dangers caused by wooden pallets such as splinters, chipping, and sharp edges.


Hygienic Products

Very suitable for food and beverage, pharmaceutical industry, and other that emphasize their product's hygiene.


Recyclable Products

Yanapallet is Recyclable, contributes to environmental preservation.



Does not quickly wear out, specifically yields utility over time


Insect Free

No insect, no fumigation. Methyl Bromide has already banned in E.U since March 18, 2010


With the state-of-the-art Injection-Compression technology from Remaplan - Erema, Germany, Yanapallet® is highly durable and surpasses the average plastic pallet in the market. Yanasurya makes 12,000 pieces of plastic pallets per month.

Yanasurya Bhaktipersada

As trusted and experienced Plastic Pallet manufacturer in Indonesia, we only produced high quality and eco-friendly plastic pallets which are not owned by other competitors. PT Yanasurya Bhaktipersada has six main features in their products as described below.