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As a pioneer in Plastic Pallet industry, Yanasurya has been trusted by fertilizer, food & beverage, chemical, pharmacy, paper, textile & many other industries. Our pallets are made for extreme conditions such as cold storage, extreme 5 storeys racking drive-in system handling, and can be used for small size heavy materials such as bricks to huge size jumbo bags.

Plastic Pallet is one of the tools that is needed in the logistics needs of a company, generally the pallets you know so far are mostly wooden pallets. One of the functions of this pallet is to withstand logistical loads that have varying weights, this plastic pallet is one type that is used for logistics storage mats with loads that are not too heavy.

Plastic Pallet

Usually Plastic PalletPlastic Pallet is used to assist operational activities in warehouses, factories, and other industries that require pallets for delivery. This type of pallet is strong and durable, because it is made of plastic, unlike wooden pallets which can be damaged by termites.

This type of Plastic Pallet is seen as being able to meet the aesthetic element to be used as a direct display base for a product to be sold. Immediately get the best quality pallets from us, who are direct distributors, can give you low prices, guaranteed, and a trusted distributor center for selling plastic pallets.

Our Plastic Pallet Products

  1. B 126* W 1200 x W 1000 x H 160 mm
  2. B 125 L 1200 x W 1000 x H 150 mm
  3. PF 1210* W 1200 x W 1000 x 150 mm
  4. PT 1210* W 1200 x W 1000 x H 150 mm
  5. SF 1210* W 1200 x W 1000 x H 160 mm
  6. ST 1210* W 1200 x W 1000 x H 160 mm
  7. CF 1210 L 1200 x W 1000 x H 120 mm
  8. R 525-1510 L 1500 x W 1000 x H 150 mm
  9. R 415-1410* W 1400 x W 1000 x H 150 mm
  10. R 315-1310* W 1300 x W 1000 x H 150 mm
  1. R 315-1210* W 1200 x W 1000 x H 150 mm
  2. R 315-1110* W 1100 x W 1000 x H 150 mm
  3. B 325-30 L 1300 x W 1000 x H 150 mm
  4. B 325-10 L 1100 x W 1000 x H 150 mm
  5. B 325-00 L 1000 x W 1000 x H 150 mm
  6. And many more series

PT Yanasurya Bhaktipersada was founded in 1997 as a pioneer manufacturer of pallets in Indonesia & Asia. Ordinary wooden pallets create a lot of problems in the field. They are not durable, unhygienic & they use too many trees. With the advanced Injection-Compression technology from Remaplan - Erema, Germany, Yanapallet is extremely durable and surpasses the average plastic pallet on the market. Yanasurya makes 12,000 pieces of plastic pallets per month.

Get the best types of pallets with various types and sizes to meet the operational needs of your factory, warehouse, or other industries that need pallets as a medium for shipping or selling, immediately contact the contact on the yanasurya website to get the best price for purchasing pallets because we are an official distributor directly pallet sales at Indonesia.

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